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If you have a technical question, need something identified or have a comment about this website, feel free to contact us. Please note that nothing in our museum is for sale, and we do not appraise items.

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We are always looking for new items to add to the museum. If you have old non-PC computers, calculators, test equipment, electronic components or other relevant technology that you would like to donate, please contact us. Depending upon the size and quantity of items being donated, we will come pick them up if you're located within approximately 200 miles of Dayton, Ohio.

We also accept monetary donations through Paypal. We have maintained this website 100% ad-free for many years, and your donations help make that possible.

About Us

The Vintage Technology Association (VTA) is an electronics research group based in Dayton, Ohio, which specializes in obsolete military and industrial technology. The VTA maintains a collection of over 10,000 devices, spanning over 100 years of electronics and associated mechanical technologies. Our collection consists of a wide range of computers, calculators, test equipment, components, documentation and other miscellany, including a large number of unique and significant artifacts. Although we try to include specifications or documentation for an item, the focus of our content is historical context.

Micah Mabelitini, Curator (userid Accutron)

Micah Mabelitini is an illustrator and technical writer from Dayton, Ohio. Micah has been a self-taught electronics engineer and programmer for over 30 years, and is primarily responsible for website design and content creation.

Other Contributors

Scott Larison: Server support.
Chester Luckenbaugh: Engineering and acquisitions.
Liam Mabelitini: Research assistance.
Paula Mabelitini: Business administration and sales.
Tony Ritchie: Photography assistance and special projects.


Bill Eaton
Zygmunt Flisak
Mark Greenia
John Hanton
Richard Hall K5GZR
Dr. Bruce Jarnot
Victor Rizzardi
Augustus Winfield

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