Mostek 3870 Series [Detail]  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-10  

Mostek 3870, a conventional 3870 variant in a plastic carrier.

The MK38P70/02H is a rare development version of the MK3870, in a 40-pin purple-and-gold ceramic DIP with unusual underside pins and a piggyback socket. The /02H variant accepts a host of 28-pin EPROMS.

The MK38P70/02J is tooled for 24-pin EPROMs, and accepts 2516, 2532, 2716 and 2758 devices. This example is mated to a Mostek MK2716T.

MK38P70/02J, underside construction.

Fairchild 3871EPC a second-source 3870 PIO.

Mostek 3875, a 3870 variant with low-power standby mode.

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